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Liver Transplant

The liver is a very crucial organ of the body and all the medical attention is to be given to it immediately if there is any disease or complications diagnosed. The liver is the largest internal organ, which performs several critical functions, like:

  • Processing nutrients, hormones and medications
  • Produce bile, which helps absorb fats, cholesterol and fat-soluble vitamins
  • Producing proteins that help clot the blood.
  • Remove toxins and bacteria from blood

Liver transplant is considered for people severe complication and also have end-stage chronic liver diseases or in case of sudden failure. Living-donor liver transplant is a good alternative over a deceased-donor because of the liver to become available. Living-donor liver transplant is possible because the human liver regenerates and returns to its normal size in a shorter duration after surgical removal of part of the organ.

Cancer that occurs outside of the liver

Abuse of substances

Infections that are active

Disabling psychiatric disorders

Medical noncompliance has been documented as a lack of adequate social support

Insufficient insurance

Other ailments or conditions

You must also be willing and able to change your lifestyle in order to benefit from the gift of life that a liver transplant provide get the best treatment from Dr Sheetal Mahajani the best liver transplant physician in Pune practo .com

Dr Sheetal Mahajani (Dhadphale), a Senior Liver Transplant physician has been instrumental in the development of liver transplant program in Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune and in Sasson General Hospital.

She has over two decades of expertise in liver transplant assessment and in-depth consultation. She is the most renowned liver transplant physician in Pune who provides advanced pre and post-transplant management. She always implied the importance to provide medical attention immediately after diagnosis to contain the complication and cure the patients and let them recover quickly and better as they can.

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