organ donar

Become an Organ Donor, Give someone a second chance

Change the ending to someone’s story!

Why to become an organ donor:

organ donar
  • You can save eight lives and transform many more
  • So many people are waiting for transplant
  • You can sign up at any age and even if you have health conditions.

Organ Donation Card

I like to donate my:

LiverKidneysHeartLungsPancreasCornea (Eyes)IntestineOther TissuesI would like to donate my body for the purpose of education & research

Thank you for choosing to donate your organs and passing on the gift of life

Please follow the three steps below to ensure that your wish of organ donation is on record. Please note that it is important to follow all three steps so that your near and dear ones can honour your wish when the time comes.

STEP 1: Download Donor Card
Please download the donor card by clicking on the link below, take a print out and fill in your details. Don’t forget to carry your donor card with you at all times.

STEP2: Download Pledge Form
Please fill the pledge form with information about your organ donation details and send it to us on the address below.

Address: Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre, 2nd Floor, Next to Medical Store, New College Building, L.T.M.G. Hospital, Sion West – 400022 Mumbai.
Pledge form in English / Marathi

STEP 3: Inform your family about your decision
The most important next step is to inform your family members about your decision so that they can honour your wishes if and when the situation arises.