Liver Transplant Physician in Pune
Dr. Sheetal Mahajani Dhadphale

Dr Sheetal Mahajani (Dhadphale) – Best Transplant Physician in India

M.D. (Med), D.N.B. (Med), D.M. (Gastro), D.N.B. (Gastro), Fellow,
Liver Transplantation Medicine, Kings College London (UK).

Director Hepatology, Transplant Hepatology, Gastroenterology & GI Endoscopy – Sahyadri Speciality Hospitals, Pune

Dr Sheetal Mahajani (Dhadphale) - Liver Physician in Pune, India

A graduate from the prestigious BJ Medical College & Sassoon General Hospitals Pune, she earned her Master in Gastroenterology from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College & Hospital Sion, Mumbai. She was a junior consultant in Gastroenterology, Hepatology, GI Endoscopy in the most prestigious CMC Vellore College and Hospital. She went to train further in Liver Transplantation Medicine at Kings College, London UK. During her academic years, she had been awarded with Gold Medals for scoring the first rank in MD Med, Hari Malini Joshi Award & DNB Gastro Examination conducted at national level, The Prestigious S K Sama Gold Medal.

Dr Sheetal Mahajani (Dhadphale) is the Best Transplant Physician in India and renowned consultant specializing in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and GI Endoscopy in Pune, India. Her expertise is in liver medicine, treatment of liver diseases and liver critical care. She was instrumental in starting Pune’s 1st liver transplant program in Ruby  Hall Clinic, Pune Successfully, completing 95 transplants.

Now she has moved to Sahyadri Group of Hospitals, as the Director of Hepatology, Transplant Hepatology, Gastroenterology and GI Endoscopy & She is a Core Member of Multi-Organ Transplant Team.

She has played a major role in starting liver transplant program in Sassoon General Hospital, Pune. Sassoon Hospital is the first government hospital in Maharashtra to have a successful liver transplant program.

She is the best liver physician in India and Founder – Director of LIVER CARE CLINIC –  Specializing in Gastroenterology, Hepatology & GI Endoscopy. In her career of 20 years, Dr Mahajani (Dhadphale) has conducted numerous liver disease treatments and transplants in major hospitals across Pune. She is known for her pioneering work in creating awareness of liver diseases and liver donations and also a keen researcher on organ donation awareness programs. To reach and help the liver patients of Maharashtra, she has created “Liver Foundation” and “Liver Support Group”.

Dr Sheetal Mahajani (Dhadphale) is committed to mentoring younger generations of medical students and is Honorary Assistant Professor of Gastroenterology in Sassoon General Hospital, Pune and Principle Coordinator for the fellowship in Hepatology MUHS University in Nashik. Being the best liver physician in India, She is regularly invited as faculty in endoscopic workshops and conferences both locally and regionally where she lectures and performs demonstrations, particularly in her subspecialty interests of Hepatology Liver Transplant Medicine, Advanced Endoscopy, Digestive Cancers and Pancreatobiliary Disorders.

Journey So Far ...


  • Dr Sheetal Mahajani (Dhadphale) is working as Director Hepatology, Transplant Hepatology, Gastroenterology & GI Endoscopy in Sahyadri Speciality Hospitals, Pune
  • Founder and Director of LIVER CARE CLINIC
  • Hon Joint Secretary, ZTCC, Pune since 2018
  • Managing Committee Member, Zonal Transport Coordination Centre, Pune since 2013
  • Founder of Liver Foundation and Liver Support Group

  • Principle Coordinator for the fellowship in Hepatology Maharashtra University of Health Sciences University, Nasik for the year 2016
  • Founder Member and trustee of Pune Society of Gastroenterology
  • She has Over 20 years of rich experience in Hepatology, Liver Transplant Medicine, Gastroenterology and GI Endoscopy
  • ROTTO Liver Committee, authorized committee for State of Maharashtra

Contributions in hepatology and liver transplantation medicine

  • Practicing hepatology and liver transplantation in Pune for over 20 years
  • The patients of end stage liver disease are getting treatment benefit in Pune
  • Conducted multiple programs for organ donation awareness in Pune
  • Managed first successful liver transplant at Ruby Hall Clinic Pune in 2013
  • Instrumental in first liver harvest at Pune in 2004. This liver was used for transplantation in Hyderabad
  • Established first successful liver transplantation program in Pune at Ruby Hall clinic

  • Established standard deceased donor allocation guidelines for Pune ZTCC
  • Treatment of liver transplantation is available in Pune at reasonable rate due to great effort
  • Successful deceased donor liver transplants in Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune.
  • She has helped in increasing awareness for liver diseases and liver donations
  • She helped in creating Public awareness film “ PhirZindagi” on organ donation as a managing committee member of ZTCC
  • Instrumental and part of the team of Sassoon Hospital to carry out first liver transplantation in the State Government Institute in Maharashtra

Awards and Recognition

  • 2018: Best Liver Transplant Physician & Hepatologist, Navbharat Times Healthcare Award.
  • 2018: Best Hepatologist and Liver Transplantation Award of TOI.
  • 2017: Sonia Gandhi Award.
  • 2016: Anandibai Joshi Award.
MD Certificate
Gastroentrology certificate

Academic Credentials

  • D. (Med), D.N.B. (Med), D.M. (Gastro), D.N.B. (Gastro), Fellow, Liver Transplantation Medicine, Kings College London (UK).
  • Hari Malini Joshi Gold Medal for securing first rank in the MD Examination held by Pune University in 1995.
  • SK Sama Gold Medal for first rank in the DNB Gastroenterology Examination 1998.
  • Har Gobind Foundations one year Scholarship for the year 2002.